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Estelle Scifo

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Weekly hightlights: 2018-11-05 / 2018-11-10

November 10, 2018

I want to start a serie of post on a weekly periodicity basis, where I would try to hightlight things I have learned/achieved, or just things I was impressed about, during the past week(s).

Let’s start today by the things that have been done since the begining of November.

Graphs graphs graphs

This week and the week before I have been writting an algorithm using graphs! The problem was to order LINESTRING segments reprenting a bus path. Segments were unordered and undirected. To do so, I have created a graph where nodes are made of both the stops and the segments boundaries. Then I have build a path reconstruction algorithm based on nodes matching, giving higher probabilities to right turns compared to left turns (ie edges orientation are important too). It’s working pretty well! Maybe a future post will be dedicated to this topic.


I discovered some interesting conferences/lectures to be given in the more or less close future:


I cam accross these pictures again during the last week about correlation:

  • An illustration from XKCD:


Spurious correlation